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Welcome to Acadia’s Corporate Sponsorship Portal

As part of Acadia’s mission to improve health and well-being of Central Nervous System conditions, the company may provide financial support for independent third-party organizations. We hope the following helps provide guidance to decide whether it is appropriate to seek support and, if so, how to go about it.
Acadia seeks to support organizations and programs that help people living with Central Nervous System conditions and those who care for them that align with our therapeutic areas of focus and mission. For this reason, the company has a strong preference for programs that directly support education and care.
Corporate Sponsorship activities are promotional in nature and must only support events and activities in which Acadia can reasonably promote disease state and/or product education. Examples of sponsorship support include a disease education or promotional exhibit booth, advertising or marketing opportunities, logo recognition, product theatre, memberships, etc. All support requests must fall within fair market value. Sponsorships cannot support independent continuing medical education. All requests for Sponsorships will be reviewed by Acadia’s internal review committee to ensure compliance.
Sponsorship requests must include:

  1. A brief overview of the request on organizational letterhead and includes: a description and purpose of the overall program or event, the intended audience (e.g., patients, caregivers, professional services staff, clinical professionals, etc.), objectives and expected outcomes.
  2. All requests must clearly identify the tangible benefit offered to Acadia and the value of the tangible benefit must be reasonable and generally consistent with norms for comparable events or benefits.
  3. IRS Letter of Determination/501c3 (if applicable)
  4. W9 - A current copy of your organization's signed and dated (not more than 2 years old) W9 is required.

* Sponsorships whose sole purpose is to fund an organization’s general operating costs, routine business expenses, or capital costs (infrastructure), or political or lobbying activities are not eligible for sponsorship funding.

Sponsorship requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Requests must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of when a funding decision is needed by the organization.

If your request is approved, you will receive an email with an approval letter.  Acadia will send an Acadia Letter of Agreement (LOA) which will be sent in a forthcoming email. Once you agree to the terms in the LOA, you can expect to receive payment in approximately four weeks.

It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to ensure that the LOA is reviewed and approved with the consent of an authorized individual and returned to ACADIA within five business days of receipt. The Acadia Corporate Sponsorship Department reserves the right to withdraw this offer of funding until the requestor has accepted the terms of the LOA. If you indicated in your sponsorship request that a third party is involved in the organization of this activity, all parties involved will  be required to sign the LOA. No modifications to the LOA will be valid without prior written consent from Acadia.

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The link contains detailed information on the submission process, including the submission fields to complete in order to finalize your application. All required submission fields must be complete, and requested documents uploaded, in order for Acadia to consider your application for review.

Should you have any questions you may contact the Acadia team via email, but please note that requests must be submitted through the Portal; requests sent by email will not be reviewed:


For Technical Support, please contact SteepRock Client Services:
Phone: +1 718-576-1406 (M-F 8am - 6pm US ET)

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